Executive and professional recruitment

This is what we do every day:

Finding the best talent and having fun doing it

Our passion is reflected in our rigour, our approach and our ability to take ownership of your sector and to represent you, as well as in our follow-up methods and our support before and after the assignment.


We constantly adjust to your recruitment needs and to what the market dictates. Our daily activities are action-oriented: listening, learning, analyzing, adapting, searching, identifying, attracting, evaluating, referring and nurturing.


From your first contact with one of our team members, you will feel the passion that drives us.

Available services

With our wealth of experience and a reputation for adapting to your reality, our team has strong recruitment expertise that we put to work for you. As a business partner, we can act at the right time to make a difference:

Full support (from identifying needs to hiring)
Candidate sourcing
Talent pool creation and management
Recruitment support for large projects
Mass recruitment
Solicited, targeted or confidential approach

Headhunters with flexible services

Our two plans offer you absolute flexibility of services to best suit your needs.

“Turnkey” package

Our team takes care of every step of the recruitment process for you.

Applicable candidate guarantee*

*Based on established contract

“Customized” package

Our team takes care of all or part of the recruitment process, depending on your needs.

No applicable guarantee, hourly model

Working together

Our method for an optimal experience

Weekly progress reports and client calls to keep you updated on the search and market data.

We’re your eyes and ears on the market.

Our rigorous, proven and flexible process for recruiting professionals has been refined for over 25 years. We constantly adjust to your company’s needs and those of the Quebec job market.