Our recruitment process

Our rigorous, proven and flexible process for recruiting professionals has been refined for over 20 years. We constantly adjust to your company’s needs and those of the Quebec job market. We’re your eyes and ears on the market.

Defining your needs
Understanding the situation and the need for recruitment. Becoming familiar with the company’s culture. Discussing strategy and how the mandate will be carried out.
Screening potential candidates
Screening potential candidates Identifying candidates, conducting targeted searches and mapping the market.
Contacting desirable candidates
We take a human, direct and personalized approach. We are real headhunters; we go beyond LinkedIn.
A full interview to confirm the candidate’s experience, including technical and behavioural skills.
Selection interview
Detailed presentation of each candidate. Support during client interviews, if desired. Psychometric testing for the finalist candidate.
Reference checks
Verification of professional and personal background.
As part of our “Turnkey” packages, we offer a guarantee on the hired candidate.
Support service
Support and collaboration throughout the process. Weekly sharing of market information and progress updates on the mandate.
We provide you with a realistic timeline when we identify your needs, based on the current market and the position being recruited. This timeline will be revised as needed throughout the process.
Post-hiring service
As part of our “Turnkey” packages, Dotemtex follows up with the hired candidate and the client to ensure that both parties are satisfied.

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