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That’s our mission at Dotemtex Executive Recruiting Inc.

Recruitment of professionals

Our team acts as headhunters, managing all or part of your recruitment process. Two services are available to you: a “Turnkey” package and a “Customized” package.

A human approach

We take a human, direct and personalized approach. We go beyond mere contact to develop close relationships. We always listen to your needs; your satisfaction is our priority.

Dotemtex commitment

We ensure that we understand your needs, keep you informed of developments and provide you with market intelligence. For the “Turnkey” package, a guarantee will be added to your service offer.

Because every action is part of a continuum, we believe that every relationship deserves to be nurtured to its full potential.

As partners in your company’s growth, our headhunting experts carefully select the talent that best suits your needs.

We’ve kept on top of market changes since 1995, and we have the experience to bring professionals and employers together for long-term relationships.

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Why Dotemtex?

Services that focus on the essentials

Quite simply, we believe that people make organizations, not the other way around. With this in mind, we strive to find the right fit between people on a daily basis.


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You don’t have to look; we find them for you

We take a different approach than employment agencies. We don’t accept applications; we carefully select the right candidates for you. Does your company need an executive with very specific skills? Trust us with the challenge—nothing is impossible for our headhunters.

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