The art of embodying well-being at work

18 October 2022


Marie-Joëlle L’Écuyer

Do we still need a reminder that the last few years have turned our personal, social and professional lives upside down and have challenged the way we work?

Hybrid work and flexible schedules, combined with increased awareness of mental health issues, among other things, have prompted workers and managers to reconsider their professional priorities.

Many managers had already made workplace well-being a key element of their corporate culture. The months following March 2020, combined with the labour shortage, gave many other organizations an extra push to implement healthy practices and habits and provide a pleasant work environment, while still keeping their focus on their goals.

The leaders of companies that were already promoting wellness have undoubtedly had an easier time adapting. But beyond offering on-site fitness facilities, how does well-being tie in with the professional world? There are a variety of approaches to take, from small measures to large ones.

At Dotemtex, practices promoting well-being at work have been part of our habits and values for quite a while. Listening, respect, cooperation and openness between colleagues, as well as between employees and managers, were and still are key aspects of our company. Even virtually, all this has continued and even expanded. Scheduling regular meetings, rather than waiting for colleagues to be available, has greatly improved communication and mutual support within the team. We may have thought that working remotely would drive us apart, but in many situations, it has allowed us to come together and break down those famous silos. Highlighting each person’s accomplishments, without a formal trophy or recognition plaque, is an easy way to acknowledge everyone’s efforts and appreciate their work.

Restructuring “remote” work has allowed us to see how effective everyone is, including the achievement of company objectives, which has led our president to offer remote work on a permanent and unrestricted basis. Employees come to the office at their own discretion, based on their availability and family commitments. Remote work and flexible scheduling, while obviously taking into account certain meetings and the work to be done, also allows employees to go for a mid-day run, finish early one afternoon or end the week at noon on Fridays.

In addition to our group insurance program, which has also been redesigned, we have an added benefit: a wellness allowance. This is used in a variety of ways, depending on employee choice and preference. There are many different options, so that everyone can find something to suit their needs.

At Dotemtex, workplace well-being also includes non-work activities that employees participate in by choice. Of course, these activities can take the form of a Christmas party or a happy hour (how great that it’s no longer virtual!), but they could also be a marathon, a sports challenge for an organization or a hike to Mont St-Hilaire for the simple joy of being outdoors. And why not a team day on the lake with a BBQ, games and karaoke on the menu? All this is possible at Dotemtex thanks to the employees, the social committee and the leadership.

At a time when workers are spoiled for choice—and will be for many years to come—it is still (and even more) relevant, even necessary, to make well-being a central issue for the company.

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